Human Performance Training

VSS has recently teamed with EXOS, the leader in human performance training, to provide a unique pairing of high-quality training services at our facility.  EXOS trains the top military and sports athletes in the world.

VSS can provide custom training consisting of firearms and tactical training courses intermixed with various services provided by EXOS.  This is an excellent opportunity for units or individual soldiers to fine-tune their tactical skills while increasing their physical performance.

EXOS Services:
Performance Strength Coaching
Physical Therapy Treatment
Nutrition Consultation and Education
Custom Education Courses

VSS Courses:
Non-Standard Weapons Training
Non-Standard Weapons/Instructor Development
AK Operator/Instructor Development
High-Angle Fire/Non-Standard Weapons
Pistol Skills Refresher
Carbine Skills Refresher
General Live-Fire Range Usage
Custom Training Courses

• Customized training packages based on the needs of the unit/team/individual
• Discreet location, where customers can stay on-site for the duration of their training programs
• Acceleration of achieving physical and tactical combat-readiness through personalized programs
• Streamlining the ‘Return to Duty’ process by combining two training services at one location

Vigilant Security Services (VSS) is an established West Virginia based firearms and tactical training
location. Teamed with EXOS (the leader in Human Performance Training), we are able to offer unique
training services to help service-members reach their full potential and/or recover from injuries through personalized physical performance training and nutrition while refreshing their tactical skillset through unique firearms/tactical training courses. By receiving two types of training programs at one location, this benefits the commands and the service-members by saving time, money and rapidly getting the warfighters to a combat ready status.

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