Training Services

Vigilant Security Services (VSS) Training is focused on “Real-World” hands-on training for modern tactical units. Our combined facilities and personnel create secure, discreet, and realistic training for federal agencies, military units, private security companies and local/state law enforcement officers to train for continually changing environments.

VSS Training courses comprise both classroom instruction and hands-on training covering Non-Standard (former Soviet-Bloc) and NATO weapons familiarization, precision shooting, armorer, hostage rescue, and surveillance detection and avoidance, to name a few of the course offerings. VSS Training also provides tactical law enforcement training such as defensive pistol, defensive rifle, sniper, SWAT, and qualification training for law enforcement personnel. In addition, the company has developed several civilian security training programs. Some examples include private executive security training for personnel tasked with providing security to high-risk, high value targets (corporate executives, politicians, diplomats, etc.), carry-concealed weapon certification, and family security/defense programs.

Courses are typically conducted at VSS Training’s private facilities, but also are conducted as Mobile Training Teams both in the US and internationally. The company has an expansive outdoor range to conduct live-fire training for everything from defensive pistol and close-quarter battle, to crew-served machine guns. All VSS Training programs are conducted by former U.S. Army Special Forces personnel who have extensive backgrounds in military special operations, combat, training and law enforcement, and are current subject matter experts in their fields. As a result of their expertise, facilities and regional proximity to Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia, the company is one of the leading tactical training operations in the U.S., and is the leading operation in the eastern U.S. for Non-Standard Weapon (former Soviet-Bloc) training.


Firearm & Machine Gun Rentals

We offer firearm and machine gun rental services for training and events.  A VSS employee must accompany all rentals of our firearms & machine guns.