Security Services

VSS utilizes highly trained former special operations, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel as well as private security and investigators to effectively provide the security services that you require.

Training Services

VSS Training is focused on “Real-World” hands-on training. With our combination of facilities and instructors, we create a secure, discreet, and realistic environment for the training courses we offer.


Your all inclusive training location! We aim to exceed your requirements for a location to conduct your own training, testing or meetings. Classrooms, secure lodging, conference rooms, live-fire ranges and more.

Defense Item Procurement

Reach out to us with your requirements for defense equipment. Small to large caliber weapon systems and munitions, warfighter equipment and more. For government agencies and law enforcement only.

Project Management

In need of professionals to manage your projects? With our experience in the security and training industry, you’ve come to the right place. Our former US Special Forces personnel provide top tier management services.