Procurement of Defense Items

VSS has the capabilities to source and procure defense items to fulfill the needs of your department of defense/ministry of defense. We are able to provide small arms to large caliber weapon systems including the munitions used by these small

to large caliber weapon systems.  Additionally, we can supply weapon accessories, optics, b

ody armor and any other personal protective equipment.  All sales/exports for customers outside of the US must be approved by DDTC with a valid export license issued.

Please contact us with your questions or requirements.

VSS is registered with the US Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) as a Manufacturer/Exporter and a Broker. The services listed on this page are only available to the US Government and to defense ministries of 

Allied countries across the globe. All sales to Allied defense customers must be approved by DDTC.  VSS strictly abides by the laws and regulations in the ITAR.