Private Training

VSS Training offers private training for individuals or small groups.

In some instances, general group training may not meet our clients’ needs.   For these applications, we cater to individuals who want a more one-on-one environment which allows for fine-tuning specific skill sets based on their own experience.  Limit of 4 people per session.

Our private courses are split into three different levels of instruction:

  • Basic Fundamentals – breakdown and familiarization of all different weapons platforms and systems. This brings the client up to speed as quickly as possible.
  • Skill Refinement – evaluate and hone. We find strengths and weaknesses, and address them with new techniques.  This builds confidence and strengthens awareness.
  • Practical Training – if you feel your skills are refined at the range, the next step is to become more refined in more realistic situations. Even if you’re tired of mechanical silhouettes, Simunitions and experienced training staff are available to prepare you for nearly any tactical situation.

Contact us below to let us know your training needs!