Military Courses

Non-Standard Weapons Familiarization
Course length: 5 days
This course will teach the three important concepts for understanding the usage and operation of non-standard weapon systems. Students will leave the course knowing how to identify, disassemble, assemble, maintain, load/fire/reduce stoppages and how to safely deal with or use the weapons on the battlefield. This is an assumed task which most front line soldiers have not been trained to do in their career and is a must for rounding out the education of a soldier/special operations member.

Non-Standard Weapons Familiarization with Instructor Development
Course length: 7 days

Instructor development modules will be introduced throughout the Non-Standard Weapons Familiarization course during relevant sections to convey key teaching points to the students both in the classroom and on the range. Includes teaching to non-English speakers, foreign training cultures, and previous lessons learned in FID/UW instructing experience of the instructors.

AK Operator/Instructor Development
Course length: 3 days

This in-depth course on the AK will cover general and technical information, variants of the weapon, headspace explanation, trigger control group, ballistics, zeroing procedures, malfunctions and reloading, and magazine variations. Course exercises will include a pile test, known distance shooting, unknown distance shooting, low-light considerations, 3-D targets and a battlefield recovery drill.  Instructor development modules will be introduced throughout the course during relevant sections to convey key teaching points to the students both in the classroom and on the range.

High Angle Fire & Non- Standard Weapons Familiarization
Course length: 4 days

This is a four-day course of instruction on the application of high-angle fire with your assigned weapons and familiarization of the AK-47/74, PKM Machine Gun, SVD Sniper Rifle, and the variations commonly seen with these weapons. Ammunition for the non-standard weapons training is provided, as are the weapons. This is for beginners and professionals who need to understand and practice the firing up and down extreme angles of distances up to 500 meters. The high-angle fire will be conducted in the morning and then the non-standard weapons training will be in the afternoon.

Vulnerability Assessment
Course length: 2 days

The objective of the block of instruction is to give the students an in-depth understanding of how to build an assessment team, conduct a Vulnerability Assessment (VA) of a given building or installation, and how to evaluate the assessment. The students will understand how the resulting assessment is used in the development of a Force Protection Plan. Students will learn to utilize Vulnerability Assessment (VA) formats as tools to help develop a solid, all-inclusive force protection plan that supports the unit’s mission.