Security Services

VSS addresses multidimensional security challenges with a global perspective on threats and ways to thwart and defend against them. The company operates with respect for the seriousness of the mission and the sensitivities of the client. VSS is able to perform armed or unarmed security services within the US and internationally.

VSS utilizes highly trained former military special operations, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel as well as professional private security and investigative personnel to effectively provide the services that you require.  If you have a situation that needs addressed, contact us today to discuss how we may help.

Security services we provide:

High Net Worth Individual Security

Discreet protection and security services for you, your business and your family. VSS provides concierge level security services to high net worth individuals with maximum confidentiality and 24-hour availability.

We have successfully, without incident, provided security services in the past for high net worth individuals,CEOs, government officials and other high-profile public figures.  Common services include:

- Surveillance
- Counter-Surveillance
- Surveillance Detection
- Kidnap and Ransom Negotiation/Mediation
- Private Security in Hostile Environments
- Private Security for International Travel
- Due Diligence Investigations
- Secure Driver Services

Maritime Security Services

The threats of piracy, terrorism and criminal activities pose a great physical risk to owners of yachts  and superyachts while at port, at anchor, or cruising. Cyber threats are another often overlooked vulnerability that can easily effect any system reliant on satellite or Internet networks. Vigilant Security Services (VSS) can provide a holistic approach to all of your maritime security needs.

Maritime Physical Security
We offer a variety of maritime security services, including:
- Superyacht Security Consulting
- Crew Training
- Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessments
- Security Plan Development
- On-vessel Security Protection Teams
- Port and Marina Risk Assessments

Providing the right people for a superyacht security team requires exceptional attention to a multiple variety of skills. Our teams seamlessly integrate with clients and crew in personality and appearance as well as abilities. Diverse backgrounds such as vessel captains, commercial divers, diplomatic security, special operations and tactics, military intelligence and executive protection are just some examples of the multifaceted individuals we provide. You will have the peace of mind knowing there are true professionals aboard capable of mitigating any security risks.

Maritime Cyber Security
VSS provides an extensive range of cyber-security solutions. Assessing and mitigating your communication and electronic vulnerabilities are key to ensuring safe passage.

Superyachts are often targeted by cyber criminals to gain access to confidential personal, business or financial data of the owner, guests and crew. This sensitive information is often used for financial gain via extortion and ransom-ware attacks. The attacks can also include compromising a vessel’s control and navigation systems which can re-route your vessel or put it on a collision path.

As with any cyber-defense, user education is critical. The weakest links are typically the system’s operators. VSS provides cyber assessments and remedies for these vulnerabilities to include educating crew and clients.

Personal Protective Services

- Executive Protection for VIP’s
- Private Security Details for Hostile Environments
- Surveillance
- Counter-Surveillance
- Surveillance Detection

Facility Security Services

- Site Vulnerability Assessments
- Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
- Risk Assessments & Security Analysis
- Physical and technological security
- Corporate Security Reviews & Audits
- Information and intelligence gathering
- Defensive Strategy Evaluations

Critical Infrastructure Protection
“Real World” threats are now a global reality.  Whether it be government or civilian incidents, we must be prepared for any type of infrastructure attack which may impact vulnerable areas throughout the nation.

VSS combines decades of real world experience and tactics with continuous knowledge of the latest threats, to help protect the most critical infrastructure sectors.

Common sectors include:

  - Banking and Financial Establishments
  - Transportation – Road, Rail Air or Water
  - Power – Electric, Oil, Gas and Nuclear
  - Information Technology and Communications
  - Federal/Municipal
  - Emergency Services/Public Health
  - Fire Departments/FEMA
  - Law Enforcement Agencies
  - Public Works – Water Systems, Drainage
  - Agriculture
  - National Monuments