FACILITIES - an all-inclusive training location!

Facility Assets

 Warehouse - Secure Storage, Firearms Vault, Simunition House, Classrooms and Conference Rooms

 Live-Fire Ranges - Multiple purpose built ranges for realistic training, testing or research and development

 Recreation - Full amenities for group or personal use

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Rental Packages

Based on availability and scheduling, our facilities are available through supported or unsupported rental packages for the following scenarios:

Training Venue Rental - Introduce a NEW location for your training missions / training classes at our facilities. Our venue rental is available for Law Enforcement training, Military/Government Agencies and Commercial Training Schools.

Research & Development / Test & Evaluation Facility - Great location for R&D or T&E of your new products. Industry Partners and Defense Contractors needing a location to conduct R&D for product development, this is the perfect location.

Group Outings and Team Building - Bring a group of friends, family members or co-workers to the shooting range and shoot a variety of weapon systems. Options from pistols up to machine guns. Custom packages available.
To inquire about VSS facility rental for training, meetings or R&D testing, please contact us.


Our warehouse has plenty of secure storage space, a secure vault, a gunsmith shop, two classrooms, and a conference room which can be utilized for a wide array of scenarios/events.  WiFi coverage is available throughout the building. Visitor recreation services are available at the warehouse and two of our live-fire ranges are on the warehouse property.

Live-Fire Ranges

Three live-fire ranges are available for training.  Two are located on the warehouse grounds and the third is located 7 miles from our training center.

Range 1 & 2 at the warehouse:
- Flat gravel ranges with multiple shooting lanes
- One range has overhead cover
- Located on the warehouse property

Newman Bottom Range
Our large training range is over 300 acres and approximately 7 miles from our training center. The mixed terrain types on the range provide a nice variety for training. There are flat and high-angle ranges along with open and wooded areas.

Range Features

- 500m KD (known distance) Range with a 50m Flat Gravel Deck and berms every 100 meters. Barricades, Paper and Steel Targets
- 500m Unknown Distance Range w/ High-Angle Fire. Steel Targets
- Sniper Loft "Tung's Tower" with High-Angle Fire. Steel Targets
- 25m Grass Flat Range. Paper Targets
- Crew-Served Weapons Areas
- Driving/Shooting Area
- Land Navigation Course
- ATV/Off-Road Motorcycle Trails
- Off-Road Driving Areas

Recreation Services

Students and visitors at our facilities can make use of various recreation services that are available. They include a gym, TV lounge, kitchen, dining room, and more, all with WiFi Internet access under one roof.

Features & Amenities

- Central Air Conditioning
- Outside Picnic Area with Gas Grills
- Kitchen with Stove/Oven, Microwaves, Refrigerator
- Dining Area – Seats 20
- Satellite TV Lounge
- WiFi and landlines available
- Conference/Planning Room
- Gym
- Running Trails
- Shower Room
- Restrooms

For driving directions, see our Contact page.